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Yamaha Synthetic Music mobile Application Format, also known as SMAF, refers to the .mmf file format for SMAF songs and the synthesizer chips that support the format.

SMAF sound chips[edit]

Model Capabilities Description
MA-1 4 channel 2-op FM Released in 1999
MA-2 16 channel 2-op FM or 8 channel 4-op FM with 1 ADPCM channel Released in 2000, FM synth has 8 waveforms
MA-3 32 channel 2-op FM or 16 channel 4-op FM with 8 (AD)PCM channels Released in 2001, FM synth has 32 waveforms (3 user defined)
MA-5 32 channel 2-op FM or 16 channel 4-op FM with 32 (AD)PCM channels Released in 2003, same MA-3 FM synth with speech synth and filter
MA-7 128 channel FM+PCM(?) with DSP effects and 16kb SRAM Released in 2005, DSP FX includes reverb/chorus/etc


Phones with a SMAF sound generator[edit]

Phone Sound generator
LG C2000 YMU788-W (MA-5)
LG F9100 YMU762C (MA-3)
LG G4010 YMU762 (MA-3)
Samsung SGH-E315 YMU762C (MA-3)
Samsung SGH-E335 YMU762C (MA-3)
Samsung SGH-T309 YMU762C (MA-3)
Samsung SGH-A707 YMU787B-C (MA-5)

MMF File format[edit]

All MMF files have a header of 4D 4D 4D 44 00 in hex or "MMMD " in ASCII.


Synchronous Contents Authoring System, or SCAS, is a specification in SMAF used for animating sprites and text along with music in MMF files. It was originally intended to be used as an "animated" ringtone spec (PMD files can also do this, as seen on the Sanyo Katana) as well as for MMS/email greetings.

Currently, the only phones known to have SCAS content are various Anycall phones (SGH-X808, for example). The Anycall brand is exclusive to South Korea and China, thus making Anycall phones very hard to find anywhere else.