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Useful Links

Dumbphone Repo

(formally known as The Dumbphone Repository)

Large collection of old phone firmware/ROMs, drivers, programs, service manuals, datasheets, JTAG pinout scans, and so much more.

Hi-res Retro Phone Wallpaper Pack

Contains both high res (~2048px) and original versions of phone wallpapers ripped from firmware when available.

Mobile Sound Sources

Spreadsheet containing original sources to samples used in mobile phone synths (e.g. CMX 3.0, SONIVOX, etc), as well as ringtones. Think of it as the phone version of the VGM Resource community's "VGM Sound Sources" spreadsheet.

Real Hardware Ringtones

(largely superseded by the ROMphonix Real Hardware Recordings folder)

Has all of the separate audio files for Real Hardware Ringtones videos on YouTube in FLAC format.

Put a request for ringtones or other files to be played on a certain phone (or phone synth engine) and if it can be done, it'll be uploaded to the Old Phone Preservation YT channel.

Phones we've helped dump

This is a mostly comprehensive list of phones dumped by members of the team. Thank you to everyone who's donated over the years!

See the RPX/OPP Archival Tracker for more detailed information such as versions and carrier branding!

Device Notes
Audiovox CDM-8300 Lent by ROMphonix
Audiovox CDM-8410 Lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
Audiovox CDM-8610 T110VMUM02S0.177, Virgin Mobile branded. Lent by JSR Phones
Audiovox CDM-8910 T115CK3T04C4.188, Cricket branded. Lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
Audiovox CDM-8912 T115SP0T22.154, Sprint branded
Audiovox CDM-8920 T120SP0T26.152, Sprint branded. Lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
Audiovox CDM-8940 D160VE4T08_4.174, VZW branded. Lent by Clonelocker
Audiovox CDM-9200 Lent by ROMphonix
Curitel PT-K1000 Lent by Clonelocker
Doro PhoneEasy 410gsm Dumped using USB-UART and Revskills
Doro PhoneEasy 612 YACHT-S03A_DORO612_L18EN_207_12_0619, Dumped using USB-UART and Revskills
Doro PhoneEasy 626 L3EN_307_160913, bad dump
Kyocera KX2 MD10273, lent by W.A.T.P
Kyocera KX18 IM1003, lent by W.A.T.P
LG 4NE1 DB23SP23, lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
LG LG3200 T32TEV08, lent by wavvy01
LG LG5000 T50LGV04, lent by cfothough
LG LX125 LX12ST01, STI Mobile branded. Lent by HappyLinuxUser
LG LX570 LX570V04, lent by ROMphonix
LG LX1200 LX12SP29, lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
LG LX5550 L55ATV07, Alltel branded. Lent by JSR Phones
LG PX240 PX24PC05, lent by [cm]98
• Revskills memory dump, phone's JTAG pinout was damaged from corrosion
LG SD910
LG TM125 TM125V02, lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
LG TM520 T52TEV06, Telus branded. Lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
LG VI125 VI125V10, lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
LG VI5225 LG54AV02, unbranded. Lent by HappyLinuxUser
LX540V08, Sprint branded. Lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
LG VX2000 T24VZV08, lent by JSR Phones
LG VX4500 T45VZV02, lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
Motorola V60p 8610_02.0F.03, lent by ROMphonix
Nokia 7705 VN_4088T05_VZW_119, lent by W.A.T.P
Pantech Crux D8999VWAD32F.225, lent by ROMphonix
Qualcomm 6280 F-US Reference Device M6281A-LLRQ-4.0.9560T, lent by MC4f
Samsung SCH-A630 ZC04, unbranded. May be a final release candidate prototype
Samsung SCH-A650 XE03, lent by wavvy01
Samsung SCH-A670 XI02, lent by wavvy01
Samsung SCH-A795 Lent by W.A.T.P
Samsung SCH-A850 YG30
Samsung SCH-A890
Samsung SCH-A950 YH16, lent by Clonelocker. Dumped from prototype FCC sample phone
Samsung SCH-M309 YB27, lent by Clonelocker
Samsung SCH-R100
Samsung SCH-R220 NB01, lent by ROMphonix
Samsung SCH-U340 ZJ09, VZW branded
Samsung SCH-U350 CB28 and CC16
Samsung SCH-U365 FX08, "unbranded" with VZW elements still present
Samsung SCH-U450 CL30
Samsung SCH-U650 BI04, lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
Samsung SCH-U900 AJ24, lent by ROMphonix
Samsung SCH-V122 NOR dump (phone has 8MB NOR and ?MB NAND), lent by Clonelocker
Samsung SCH-W399 ZB14, lent by Clonelocker
Samsung SPH-A120 Dumped from an FCC test sample phone, lent by Clonelocker
Febuary 14th 2008 retail version lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
Samsung SPH-A303 AB03
Samsung SPH-A560 YE19, older revision
Samsung SPH-A580 YE19, older revision
Samsung SPH-A660 YE28
Samsung SPH-A680 XH17, lent by [cm]98 • Revskills memory dump
Samsung SPH-A790 YA31, lent by Clonelocker
Samsung SPH-A800 YD11, lent by Clonelocker
Samsung SPH-A860 YG14, lent by Clonelocker
Samsung SPH-A880 YE19 • earlier Sprint version, lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
ZA26, lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
Samsung SPH-A920 ZB07, lent by W.A.T.P
Samsung SPH-A920 YD28, dumped from FCC test prototype, lent by Clonelocker
YG22, dumped from FCC test prototype, lent by Clonelocker
ZA13 retail, lent by W.A.T.P
ZD12 Bell Canada, lent by wavvy01
Samsung SPH-A960 ZB03, lent by Clonelocker
Samsung SPH-M240 CG21
Samsung SPH-M250 ZG19, unreleased prototype
Samsung SPH-M270 FA10
Samsung SPH-M500 ZK03, lent by ROMphonix
Samsung SPH-M520 BF18
Samsung SGH-D307 D307UEEI1
Dumped with the help of JSR Phones, cfothough, Clonelocker, and ROMphonix
Samsung SGH-D357 D357UCEK4, lent by HappyLinuxUser
D357UCEL1, lent by ROMphonix
Samsung SGH-E315 E315UVDH1, lent by HappyLinuxUser
Samsung SGH-E316 E316UEDC2, lent by Clonelocker
Samsung SGH-E865 E865UVEB5, unreleased prototype phone
Samsung SGH-P207 P207UCEC5, Cingular branded
Samsung SGH-X120 X120XEDI4, lent by Clonelocker
Samsung SGH-X427m X47MUCDI3, lent by MC4f
Samsung SGH-X507 X507UCFC2, lent by MC4f
Sanyo RL-4920 1.004SP, partial dump. Lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
Toshiba W54T
UTStarcom CDM-105 CDM70SPQ0634, lent by Rare Noggin Stuff
UTStarcom CDM-180 D180VE4M14_4.205, lent by JSR Phones
UTStarcom TXT8010 DLVISVET02_6.164
ZTE E520