Taking screenshots on Nokia phones

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This guide shows how to take screenshots on various Nokia devices.

Series 40

Gammu, Nokia Screen Dumper, or Phoenix service software can be used to take screenshots on S40 devices. To do this, you'll need a data cable for the phone and a PC with one of these programs installed.


Gammu is a free tool for interfacing with various mobile phones, including Nokia phones. It can do tasks such as managing calls, messages, the file system, but it can also take screenshots.

Gammu can have compatibility issues with certain devices (see their compatibility list), but it is the best choice for Linux users. Connecting via USB is recommended, some phones will work via Bluetooth but others will just reboot. Also, if using Bluetooth, the screenshot will include the "Connected to (your PC's name)" message unless you can quickly dismiss the message by spamming a key.

  1. Read Kahvibreak's tutorial for connecting Gammu with your phone.
  2. From the command line, you can type gammu screenshot name. This will create a name.bmp file in the current directory.
  3. If the screenshot's colors are messed up (for example 6230 and other 65K color phones), fix them with Image Search Editor or GIMP.

Fixing with Image Search Editor

  1. You will need Python installed, download it here and install it if you don't have it.
  2. Download this endianness swapper script, run it, and select your file. This will create a new .swap.bmp file in the same folder.
  3. Run Image Search Editor and open the byte swapped file. Change the searched file type from "Usual formats" to "BMP File" and select your file.
  4. From the left toolbar, select your bit depth based on the phone display's color count (12 for 4096 colors, 16 for 65K, 18 for 262K, 24 for 16M).
  5. From the top toolbar, select the flash icon (jump to offset). In the "Dec" field, write 122.
  6. Next to the flash icon, there is a button for setting the window size. Press it and type in the display's resolution.
  7. Press the save button to save the fixed bmp file.

Fixing with GIMP

  1. Change the file's .bmp file extension to .data and open it in GIMP.
  2. Find the image format that matches your phone's screen (for 6230 and 2760 it's RGB565 Big Endian), use offset 122, and use the same width and height as the phone's screen resolution.
  3. Export the image with FileExport As...

Nokia Screen Dumper

Nokia Screen Dumper

Nokia Screen Dumper is a screenshot utility that allows you to capture screenshots on Series 40 phones.



Make sure Nokia PC Suite is not running in the background.

  1. Download Nokia Screen Dumper, NSD 2.0 is recommended.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Open the NSD.exe program.
  4. Connect your phone to your computer.
  5. When prompted to select the USB mode, select PC Suite
  6. On the NSD window, select File, then Connect
  7. If your phone was detected successfully, a window Connection OK! should pop up.
  8. Press Dump and it should take a capture of your phone's screen.
  9. To save the screenshot, press Dump and select the directory where to save it.

Series 60

There is a freeware screenshot utility for Symbian S60v1/v2 and v3 simply named Screenshot. This is an app that you install directly on the phone, so no computer is needed. This tool has a similar UI to the Screen Grabber tool used by the S60 Internal Development team.[1]

For S60v5 and later, you can use ScreenSnap. The upside of this app is that you can program almost any key to be used for screenshotting, but it can only save in BMP or JPG format.

Series 80

Series 80 has a built-in screenshot function, which can be activated with Ctrl + Shift + Chr + S.