Swift SoC Platform

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The Swift SoC Platform has been used by many Samsung GSM feature phones since 2005.

Swift platform phones[edit]

Phone Chip manufacturer Chipset
Samsung SGH-A157 ST-Ericsson PNX6709 (312MHz ARM926EJ)[1]
Samsung SGH-A177 ST-Ericsson PNX6511 (130MHz ARM946)
Samsung SGH-A437 NXP PNX5230 (130MHz ARM946E-S)
Samsung SGH-E335 Philips PCF6359EL3 (ARM9)
Samsung SGH-E370 Philips PCF5213 (104MHz ARM946E-S)
Samsung SGH-T245G ST-Ericsson PNX4902EL/2 (ARM926EJ/S)
Samsung SGH-T309 Philips PCF5212 (ARM9)
Samsung SGH-T379 ST-Ericsson PNX6710 (312MHz ARM926EJ)
Samsung SGH-T429 NXP PNX5230 (130MHz ARM946E-S)