Samsung battery reference

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Below is a table of Samsung cell phones and their corresponding battery model number.

Samsung phones and batteries
Phone model Battery model
Samsung GT-E1360 AB463446BA
Samsung SCH-i730 BST279BSA
Samsung SCH-R250 AB463446BA
Samsung SCH-R261 (Chrono) AB463446BA
Samsung SCH-U365 (Gusto 2)
Samsung SCH-U450 (Intensity) AB46365UGZ
Samsung SCH-U460 (Intensity II) AB46365UGZ
Samsung SGH-A137 AB463446BA
Samsung SGH-A157 AB463446BA
Samsung SGH-A167 AB463446BA
Samsung SGH-A177 AB653039CA
Samsung SGH-A187 EB504239HA
Samsung SGH-A237 AB463446BA
Samsung SGH-A257 (Magnet) AB653039CA
Samsung SGH-A437 AB533640AA
Samsung SGH-A707 (Sync) AB653443CA
Samsung SGH-A747 AB533640AA
Samsung SGH-A777 AB653039CA
Samsung SGH-A887 (Solstice) AB603443CA
Samsung SGH-D357 BST5118SA
Samsung SGH-G800 AB603443CE‎
Samsung SGH-I777 (Galaxy S II) EB-L1A2GBA
Samsung SGH-i617 (Blackjack II) AB813851CA
Samsung SGH-T245G AB463446BA
Samsung SGH-T249 AB463446BA
Samsung SGH-T255G AB463446BA
Samsung SGH-T639 AB653039CA
Samsung SGH-X426 BST2488SE
Samsung SGH-X497 BST524ASA
Samsung SPH-M500 AB463446BA

1 The battery will fit but is too small to sit snugly in the battery compartment.

2 The battery will fit but is too large for the battery cover to be put on.