Samsung PCBS10 connector

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Samsung PCBS10

The Samsung PCBS10 connector is a type of connector found on various Samsung phones from 2007 - 2011.

It is believed that the PCB200 connector has the same pinout.

Compatible Accessories

  • Chargers:
    • ATADS10JBE (5V DC, 700mA)
    • ATADS10JSE (5V DC, 700mA)
    • ATADS30JBE (4.75V DC, 550mA)
    • ATADS10EBE (5V DC, 700mA)
    • ATADS10ESE (5V DC, 700mA)
    • ATADS30EBE (4.75V DC, 550mA)
    • ETA3S31EBE (4.75V DC, 550mA)
    • ATADS10UBE (5V DC, 700mA)
    • ATADS10USE (5V DC, 700mA)
    • ATADS30UBE (4.75V DC, 550mA)
    • ATADS10HBE (5V DC, 700mA)
    • ATADS10HSE (5V DC, 700mA)
    • ATADS30HBE (4.75V DC, 550mA)
  • AAEP305SBE Hands-Free Mono Headset
  • AAEP485DSE Stereo Headset
  • APCBS10UBE Data Link Cable
  • APCBS10BBE USB Cable

Phones that use this connector