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SONiVOX LP. is a U.S.-based organization that specializes in music and audio. They have provided software-synthesis solutions to many phone manufacturers over the years.

Types of SONiVOX software synths[edit]

The code-names of these synths, if one can't be found, are denoted by what it is most commonly found on.

Given code-name Sound-bank size Notes
Hybrid ? Found on low-end devices. Uses PCM drums and software FM emulation
Legacy 155 kB Most notable for being found on Android
Legacy (lite) 69 kB Diminutive of the "Legacy" sound bank found on some LG and Samsung feature phones
Motorola EZX 70 kB Found on early Motorola EZX devices
P2K Patriot ? Found on early Motorola P2K devices that use software-based synthesis
P2K Neptune 45 kB Found on most Motorola P2K (LTE, LTE2, 3G) devices

Phones with a SONiVOX software synthesizer[edit]

Note: Android and KaiOS devices won't be listed here because they all use the same synth, and adding each one here would clutter the list.

Phone Soundbank
LG KG290 Legacy (lite)
Motorola A920 Motorola EZX
Motorola A1000 Motorola EZX
Motorola C332 P2K Patriot
Motorola E1 ROKR P2K Neptune
Motorola E398 P2K Neptune
Motorola T720 P2K Patriot
Motorola V3 P2K Neptune
Samsung GT-E1200 Legacy (lite)
Samsung SGH-S125G Hybrid
Samsung SGH-T119 Hybrid
Samsung SGH-T245G Hybrid
Samsung SGH-X660 Legacy