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Ringtone Bangers + More, formerly known as Daily Ringtone Bangers and later Ringtone Bangers, is a Twitter account that posts music related to consumer technology, with a particular focus on ringtones. Established in 2020, it is run by enthusiast fusoxide. Tweets are scheduled to be posted twice a day; each tweet features information such as the title, model/source, artist and year. Other content is occasionally posted too, such as fun facts related to ringtones, polls and memes.

fusoxide created the account with the intentions of spreading "banger" ringtones to a wider audience, taking inspiration from Twitter accounts that post video game music. While it originally exclusively posted ringtones along with a non-ringtone being posted once a week, the scope was later expanded to encompass technology-related music as a whole such as synth demo songs, sample music and installation/setup music.

The account has gained a large following, with over 58K followers as of 2021, along with coverage on news sites such as Dazed Digital. A YouTube channel was later created for the account.


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