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This is a list of Qualcomm System-on-Chips (SoCs) and phones that use them.

You can find the Qualcomm SoC of a phone by disassembling it. Usually, the SoC is hidden under an RF shield.

Phones with a Qualcomm SoC[edit]

Phone Chipset
Alcatel 2017B QSC6155
Cal-Comp CAPTR A200 QSC6055
HTC TyTN II MSM7200 (400 MHz ARM1136JF-S)
Huawei U2800a QSC6270 (184MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Kyocera DuraXT QSC6085[1]
Kyocera Kona QSC6155 (480MHz)[2]
Kyocera K127 MSM6050 (40MHz ARM7TDMI)
Kyocera KX414 MSM5100 (ARM7TDMI)
Kyocera Rally QSC6270[3]
Kyocera Verve QSC6155[4]
Kyocera X-TC QSC6055
LG B470 QSC6270 (184MHz ARM926EJ-S)
LG Cosmos QSC6055
LG Cosmos Touch QSC6055
LG Exalt QSC6155
LG KF310 MSM6245 (180MHz ARM926EJ-S)[5]
LG 505C QSC6055
LG Revere 2 QSC6055
LG Rumor2 QSC6055
LG Shine MSM6281
LG VX3300 MSM6050 (40MHz ARM7TDMI)[6]
LG Xpression QSC6270 (184MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Motorola V60s MSM5100 (ARM7TDMI)
Motorola W315 MSM6050 (40MHz ARM7TDMI)
Motorola W385 MSM6125 (146MHz ARM926EJ-S)[7]
Pantech Crux MSM7627 (Snapdragon S1, 800 MHz ARM1136JZF-S)
Pantech Impact QSC6270 (184MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Pantech Link QSC6270 (184MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Pantech Pursuit II QSC6270 (184MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Qualcomm QCP-800 MSM2 (80186)
Samsung Blackjack II MSM6260 (225 MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Samsung Galaxy S III MSM8960 (Snapdragon S4 Plus, 1.5 GHz Krait dual-core)
Samsung MyShot II QSC6055
Samsung SCH-3500 MSM3000 (ARM7TDMI)
Samsung SCH-U410 MSM6125 (146MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Samsung SCH-U550 MSM6500 (146MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Samsung SGH-A707 (Sync) MSM6275 (225 MHz ARM926EJ-S)[8]
Samsung SGH-A777 MSM6260 (225 MHz ARM926EJ-S)[9]
Samsung SPH-A600 MSM6100 (146 MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Samsung SPH-A620 MSM6050 (40MHz ARM7TDMI)
Samsung SPH-M240 QSC6055
Sanyo Katana LX QSC6055
Sanyo Katana DLX MSM6500 (146MHz ARM926EJ-S)
Sanyo PRO-700 MSM6800A (270MHz ARM926EJ-S)