Nokia Series 30 synth engine

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Ever since the Nokia 2300/2600, the Nokia Series 30 platform has its own synth engine, different from the Beatnik MiniBAE and MobileBAE engines used in S40 and S60 phones, as well as earlier S30 phones.

It was developed by Morten Priess for Nokia back in 2003.

Synth implementations

Sound bank name File size Notes
Simple ? Plays a few square-wave synths, and a few drum samples. Used only in the Nokia 2300. 4 chord polyphony.
Tongbao 128 kB Uses an optimized version of the Tongbao Bank found in some MobileBAE Nokia phones.

Due to re-using envelopes in the optimized version, as well the synth engine having a different decay/release curve, it sounds slightly different.

Used in most S30 phones starting with the Nokia 2600.