NEC Corporation

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NEC Corporation is a Japanese electronics company.

They manufactured synthesizer LSIs for phones in conjunction with Faith, Inc.

Types of NEC synths

LSI Description
NEC uPD9993 Introduced 2003. Was mostly used in Japanese mobile phones such as Matsushita Panasonic and Mitsubishi and also in few Samsung and LG phones for sample-based synthesis instead of a SMAF chip.

Phones with a NEC synthesizer

Phone Synthesizer
LG F1200 uPD9993
LG F3000 uPD9993
LG M4410 uPD9993
Mitsubishi M420i uPD9993
Mitsubishi M430i uPD9993
Samsung SGH-B200 uPD9993
Samsung SGH-D307 uPD9993
Samsung SGH-E620 uPD9993
Samsung SGH-M110 uPD9993
Samsung SGH-P207 uPD9993
Sharp SH-05A uPD9993