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Mophun, a product of Synergenix Interactive, is an environment for mobile phone games and applications. The games are developed in the C and C++ programming languages using an SDK available upon request from the website. A compiler derived from GCC translates the projects into a system independent application. There are no freeware Mophun applications available because any applications need to be certified before they are allowed to run on a compatible device.

In some Sony Ericsson white paper documents, Mophun has been described as a "software based gaming console" for mobile terminals.[1] Games developed for Mophun run in a lightweight sandboxed virtual machine and can take advantage of device capabilities such as networking, SMS, vibration and backlight.[2] This virtual machine requires less than 40 KB of memory and can fit inside the CPU's instruction cache. The sandboxing and certification process prevent running any malicious code on devices.[1]

Mophun was the brainchild of Antony Hartley and was developed by Hartley and Anders Norlander. Antony Hartley has since moved on to form Mobile Sorcery, a company that specializes in visual mobile authoring.

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Sony Ericsson T200

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