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MobileBAE is a mobile sample-based audio engine developed by Beatnik, Inc. from 2002 to 2004, succeeding the MiniBAE.

Unlike its predecessor, it uses the more standard Downloadable Sounds (Mobile DLS) format for storing soundbanks.

MobileBAE sound banks[edit]

Sound bank name File size Notes
Mobile_0030_base 29.7 kB
Mobile_0050_base 50.3 kB
Mobile_0060_base 60.4 kB
Mobile_0100_base 106.4 kB
Mobile_0100_Samsung 106.3 kB Variant of Mobile_0100_base
mobile100 105.3 kB Variant of Mobile_0100_base
Mobile_0300_base 291.9 kB
Mobile_0300_lite_opt 283.4 kB Variant of Mobile_0300_base
mobile300 285.5 kB Variant of Mobile_0300_base
Charlie Bank 358.6 kB
Lloyd Bank 406.5 kB
Tongbao Bank 227 kB

Phones with a MobileBAE synth[edit]

Phone Sound bank
LG CG180 Mobile_0100_base
Motorola Karma QA1 Mobile_0100_base
Motorola MPx220 Mobile100
Motorola Q Mobile_0300_base
Motorola RAZR V3xx Mobile_0100_base
Motorola RAZR2 V8 Mobile_0100_base
Motorola RAZR2 V9 Mobile_0100_base
Motorola W175G Mobile_0100_base
Motorola W376G Mobile_0100_base
Motorola W409G Mobile_0100_base
Nokia 113 Lloyd Bank
Nokia 2865 Tongbao Bank
Nokia 3110 Lloyd Bank
Nokia 6085 Tongbao Bank
Nokia 6120 classic Charlie Bank
Nokia 6126 Lloyd Bank
Nokia 6131 Lloyd Bank
Nokia 6230i Tongbao Bank
Nokia 6630 Charlie Bank
Nokia 6650 Fold Lloyd Bank
Nokia 6680 Charlie Bank
Nokia 6700 Lloyd Bank
Nokia 7376 Lloyd Bank
Nokia 7380 Tongbao Bank
Nokia 7390 Lloyd Bank
Nokia 8800 Tongbao Bank
Nokia N70 Lloyd Bank
Nokia E71 Charlie Bank
Nokia E72 Lloyd Bank
Nokia X2 Lloyd Bank
Nokia X3 Lloyd Bank
Nokia Asha series Lloyd Bank
Nokia XpressMusic series Lloyd Bank
Samsung Blackjack II Mobile_0300_base
Samsung Wave mobile300
Samsung Star II mobile300
Sony Ericsson T250 Mobile_0100_base
Sony Ericsson T280i Mobile_0100_base
Sony Ericsson W302 Mobile_0100_base