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Welcome to the Legacy Portable Computing Wiki!

This is a wiki dedicated to preserving the knowledge and content of outdated mobile devices.

There are currently 1,247 articles on this wiki. Consider checking out Category:Top Level for a list of categories.

Feel free to edit any information that is missing or inaccurate, especially since this wiki is based in the US and we may not have info on carriers and phones outside the US.

What belongs here?

We focus primarily on phones and other handhelds and portable devices. There's no specific criteria for exactly what devices belong here, but this would be a general rule of thumb:

  • Feature phones, or "dumbphones"
  • Smart handhelds (smartphones, PDAs, internet tablets, etc.) running any of the following:
    • Android 5.1 or earlier
    • Blackberry OS
    • iOS 10.3.2 or earlier
    • Palm OS
    • Symbian OS
    • WebOS
    • Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile
    • Bada
    • Any other outdated mobile OS or platform that has not received support for several years

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