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This is a guide for creating pages about batteries for old phones and handhelds.

Lead section

Provide some basic information about the battery, such as what kind of devices it's generally used for.

See Template Battery Page for an example.


Use the Battery Specs template to fill out the battery's specifications. Some of the basic ones can usually be found printed on the battery itself, for others such as GND-BSI resistance you may need to check websites such as https://pinouts.ru or CPKB.

If you do need to use other sources, make sure to reference them using the book button in the wiki editor (ref tag).


| batterymodel=
| composition=
| voltage=
| capacity=
| resistance=
| size=
| weight=
  • Chemical composition: The type of battery, for example Lithium ion or NiMH.
  • Voltage: The voltage of the battery, usually around 3.7 V.
  • Capacity: The capacity in mAh.
  • Resistance: Resistance between the GND (ground) and BSI (battery size indicator) pins, if applicable. Usually applies to Nokia batteries.
  • Size: The dimensions of the battery (width x height x thickness), preferably in millimeters.
  • Weight: The weight of the battery, preferably in grams.

Similar batteries

If applicable, mention which batteries are compatible, partially compatible or at least very similar to this battery.

Phones that use this battery

Write a list of phones that are known to work with this battery. You can include devices which were designed for another similar battery, but turn on and accept charging with this battery.

Again, you can use other sources, but double check in case the list has errors or missing models.


Finally, if you have the battery at hand, include a couple pictures of it showing both the front and back, so it can be easily identified. It would be preferred if the pinout was visible.