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Contributing to the wiki is a great way to learn more about old mobile devices and help others understand the history of these devices better.

Below is a list of various improvement and maintenance tasks suitable for different skill and expertise levels, roughly sorted by the amount of effort needed. This list is currently work in progress.

Task list

Task Description Difficulty
Adding categories to pages

Categorization helps visitors navigate the wiki better by making it easier to find related articles. This is made possible by adding category tags to pages - for example, this page is in the "Help Topics" category. You can add categories to these uncategorized pages. (note: page titles with / in them don't need to be categorized.) Often some editors will forget to add categories to their articles, so check the uncategorized pages list or the new pages list periodically.

Tip: You can use the HotCat tool to quickly assign categories.

Creating categories If you check the categories at the bottom of a page, occasionally you may find categories that are red links - this means they don't have a page yet. Clicking the red link lets you create that category. Non-existing categories can also be found here. When creating category pages, add a short description of what belongs in that category, and add the page to some parent categories. Note that sometimes a red-linked category is the result of a typo or using the wrong name for the category, so it's good to check the top-level index if there is a more suitable category for a page. Easy
Adding pictures Many of our phone articles don't have pictures, usually due to the page's creator not owning the phone. In place of a picture, you see a placeholder image instead. An easy way to contribute is by adding photos of models that you own. You can find a list of articles without pictures here and a quick tutorial here. Note that you can take and submit pictures of any device that fits on the wiki, it doesn't need to have an existing article (unused images can be found here). Easy
Adding specifications We try to be the most useful resource for detailed technical specs, but our articles aren't perfect. If you find a gap in our spec sheets, find the information from our other articles ("What links here" is an useful tool) or other websites, and add it. If you're copying substantial portions of info from other sites, make sure to give credit by using a reference. Some useful sources can be found from our portals or by simply looking up the device model. Medium
Creating pages If you notice that there is no page on a certain phone model, accessory, platform, chipset, etc. then the best way to help out is to create the page yourself. If you feel that this is too much work, creating a short "stub" article with basic info also helps, others can improve it later. If you don't know what to create a page about, take a look at the wanted pages list. We have page writing guides for phones, batteries, and people. For any other topics, look at similar existing pages for guidance. Medium to Hard