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Adding pictures to pages is an easy and helpful way to contribute to the wiki. This guide will walk you through taking the best possible pictures of your devices and uploading them here.

Finding a page without pictures

The Articles needing images category contains a list of phone articles which don't have a picture. If you don't already have a specific phone in mind, look through this list for devices that you or someone you know owns.

Using the {{noimage}} template tag on a page will add it to that category, so use this tag whenever you're creating a phone page and don't have photos of it.


To avoid copyright issues and possible closure of the wiki, we ask that you don't take pictures from other sources without permission.

All uploaded media should be created by you or used with the original author's permission or licensing terms. If licensing terms require attribution or some other kind of notice, they can be added to the file's description page. If you're uploading a picture on someone else's behalf, it's good to give credit to them in the file description, with a link to their user page if they have an account here (example).

Taking pictures

Pictures should generally follow these guidelines whenever possible:

  • The main subject is in focus, not blurred or shaky.
  • Simple or plain color background with good contrast to the subject. (examples: 1, 2, 3)
  • Not too much empty space at the edges - you can crop the image if necessary.
  • Good enough lighting to easily identify the main subject. If you have difficulties with this, take a photo while the subject phone's screen is dimmed or turned off. Take advantage of a natural light source if you can.
  • Camera flash is turned off.
  • Camera watermark is turned off. Usually this can be changed in the camera settings, if not, use a different camera app.
  • GPS geolocation data is turned off, this can also be changed in the settings. Alternatively you can run your images through an online EXIF metadata remover.

Phone graphics

When uploading static, non-animated phone graphics (e.g. splash screen rips or screenshots), follow these guidelines whenever possible:

  • Graphic is ripped in its original resolution without any filters or other unnecessary modifications.
  • Unless the graphic was originally in a lossy format such as JPEG, convert the graphic to PNG. This is to reduce server storage requirements as well as increase image loading speed on slower connections.
  • Optimize the PNGs you upload! You can use PNGGauntlet, PNGCRUSH, or IrfanView (via the PNGOUT plugin). Trimage is also available for Linux users.
    • When optimizing PNGs, ensure the gamma information is unchanged in the app's settings. For example, for PNGGauntlet go to Tools -> Options and check Preserve Gamma Information in the PNGOUT tab and Preserve PNG metadata in the DeflOpt tab. When using PNGOUT, always set Color Type to RGB+Alpha. Default settings compromise the original color data when optimizing a PNG.


  1. Go to the page where you want to add pictures, and press Edit.
  2. If the page has a placeholder image, find the {{noimage}} tag, usually at the top of the page, and remove it.
  3. For each picture that you want to add, follow these steps:
    1. In the editor area, position your cursor to where you want to add the picture. Usually you'll want them stacked on top of each other at the top of the page. When reading the page, they will show up at the right side alongside the page content.
    2. Press the image icon (4th icon on the editor toolbar) and select Upload.
    3. Select a file using your file browser, or on a PC, drag and drop the image to the upload area.
    4. Give the file a short but descriptive file name, for example Nokia 2330c front. Don't include the file extension, it will be automatically added.
    5. Add a description for the file. For accessibility purposes, you can write a detailed description of the phone's design, but you can keep it short and simple too. Image descriptions can be edited later by going to the file description page and pressing Edit.
    6. Upload the file. You might have to wait a few seconds for it to upload.
    7. After uploading, you will be brought back to the Insert file form. Here you can add a caption for the image and press Insert to add it to the page.
      • Note: If you accidentally close the insert file form, you can write this on the page instead: [[File:NAME.jpg|thumb|CAPTION]]. Replace NAME with the file name you chose, and CAPTION with the caption text you want to add.
  4. After you've uploaded everything, write a short edit summary at the bottom, and press Show preview. Make sure that everything looks correct, and then you can Save changes.

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