Kawai X30

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The Kawai X30 is a full sized electronic keyboard released sometime in the mid 1990s, featuring analog velocity "Touch response" keys and 16-bit PCM samples.

An interesting fact about this keyboard is that it uses almost entirely off the shelf parts except for the I/O and synthesizer chips.



CPU / synthesizer Kawai KP081-M9DP
DAC NEC UPD6376CX 16-bit stereo
Display 3 digit 7 segment display, red
I/O Kawai K017-FP
RAM 64 KB SRAM (Sanyo LC3564OS-70)
DC jack 12 volt center negative barrel jack


Audio output Stereo phono jack
Other Sustain pedal

ROM dumps[edit]

As the instruments are stored in a 16-bit PCM format, it should be possible to dump the contents of the keyboard's ROM to extract the samples. However, the samples are stored in the synthesizer chip itself. Unless someone is able to reverse engineer or decap the synthesizer chip, a ROM dump isn't possible.