Jailbreaking S60 devices

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If you have Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2, such as on the Nokia 808 PureView, go to its own page.

This guide will show you how to jailbreak or hack your Symbian S60 device.

All the files needed are shown throughout the tutorial, but you can also find everything here.


Jailbreaking will let you install any SIS apps, even unsigned apps, without getting certificate errors. This will also give you access to "private" system folders, for example letting you dump Java ME apps installed on the phone. Another benefit is that you can apply patches to the phone, such as silencing the camera shutter sound or changing shortcut key actions.

Jailbreaking is not required on Series 60 1st or 2nd Edition, as they didn't have platform security, so any apps could freely be installed.


1. Allowing unsigned installations (Eseries)

This step only applies to Eseries devices. If you aren't using one, skip this step.

Open the app manager, which can usually be found in the Installations or Tools folder. Go to OptionsSettings and set Software installation to All.

2. Installing X-plore

X-plore is a popular file manager app for Symbian phones.

If you don't have it already, download x-plore_s60_3rd_1_64.sisx and install it on your phone. If you have issues installing it, set your phone's date to 2022 and try again.

3. Extracting tmquarantine

Download tmquarantine.zip and send it to your phone. Use X-plore to extract it to the C: drive root.

There should now be a C:/tmquarantine folder with 4 files in it.

4. Installing Mobile Security

Download Mobile Security.sis. Set your phone's date to 2012 and install Mobile Security.

If it asks you to reboot your phone, select No.

5. Restoring the quarantine

Open Mobile Security and go to Options → Quarantine list → Options → Mark/Unmark → Mark all, then Options → Restore → Yes.

After this, you can uninstall Mobile Security.

6. Installing ROMPatcher+

Download RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx and install it on your phone.

7. Applying patches

Open ROMPatcher+ and select both of the patches Install Server RP+ and Open4All RP+.

Also on both of them, go to Options → Add to Auto.

If you got a red cross on the Install Server, download installserver.exe for Symbian 9.1 or Symbian 9.2. This is not an exe that you run on your computer, instead send it to your phone and copy it to C:/sys/bin using X-plore. If you did this, you don't need to apply the Install Server patch.

Have fun!

If you had any issues with the tutorial, feel free to add a message on the talk page or join our Discord.

Now you can set your phone's date back to today's date. Make sure you disable the patches from ROMPatcher+ when you want to play N-Gage 2.0 games.