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Faith, Inc. is a Japan-based organization that provided MIDI-related services and downloadable content to Qualcomm and device manufacturers.

Faith also had deals to produce synthesizers with NEC and Rohm.

Types of Faith soundbanks[edit]

Code-name Description
CMX 1.1 Introduced 2000, July. Used in phones with a MSM3100 or MSM5105 chipset
CMX 2.2 Introduced 2001, June. Used in phones with a MSM3300 or MSM5100 chipset
CMX 3.0 Introduced 2002, Oct. Used in phones with BREW 3.0. Later Brew phones can also use this for playing .MMF or .PMD files
CMX 4.1 Introduced 2003, May. Used in phones with BREW 3.1 onward

Phones with a Faith software synthesizer[edit]

Phone Soundbank
Kyocera KX414 CMX 2.2
LG TM520 CMX 1.1
LG TP5200 CMX 1.1
LG TP5250 CMX 1.1
LG VX10 CMX 1.1
LG VX3200 CMX 3.0
LG VX3300 CMX 3.0
LG VX4400 CMX 2.2
LG VX4600 CMX 3.0
LG VX4700 CMX 3.0
LG VX5200 CMX 3.0
LG VX5300 CMX 4.1
LG VX5500 CMX 4.1
LG VX5600 CMX 4.1
LG VX6000 CMX 3.0
LG VX6100 CMX 3.0
LG VX8100 CMX 4.1
Motorola V60s CMX 2.2
Motorola W315 CMX 3.0
Pantech Breeze CMX 4.1
Pantech Crux CMX 4.1
Pantech Impact CMX 4.1
Samsung SCH-A610 CMX 2.2
Samsung SCH-A670 CMX 2.2
Samsung SCH-A850 CMX 3.0
Samsung SCH-A950 CMX 4.1
Samsung SCH-A970 CMX 4.1
Samsung SCH-N356 CMX 2.2
Samsung SCH-N380 CMX 2.2
Samsung SGH-A737 CMX 4.1
Samsung SGH-A777 CMX 4.1
Sanyo SCP-3100 CMX 3.0
Sanyo SCP-4000 CMX 1.1
Sanyo SCP-4500 CMX 1.1
Sanyo SCP-4700 CMX 1.1
Sanyo SCP-5000 CMX 1.1
Sanyo SCP-5150 CMX 1.1
Sanyo SCP-5300 CMX 3.0
Sanyo SCP-5500 CMX 3.0
Sanyo SCP-6600 CMX 4.1