Extracting/adding music player skins on Nokia Series 40 5th phones

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This guide shows how to extract and add music player skins to Nokia Series 40 5th edition phones.


  • A computer
  • A data cable depending on the phone (miniUSB or microUSB) or Bluetooth if the computer has it
  • OxyCube

Extracting music player skins

Connecting the phone to OxyCube

Note: Make sure programs like Nokia PC Suite are not running on the background.

  1. Install OxyCube.
  2. Once the installation finished, run OxyCube.
  3. Click to "Run Connection Wizard" if the phone not detected automatically.
  4. Click "Next.
  5. Choose your phone model from model list.
  6. Choose the connection method you want to use.
    • If you connected the phone via USB cable, choose Nokia mode/PC Suite in USB settings.
  7. Press "Connect" to connect to the phone
  8. If the phone detected, press next to complete the wizard.
    • If you already connected your phone before, OxyCube will detect the phone automatically next time.

Extracting the music player skins

WARNING: Do not touch to "media_player.swf" and "equalizer.swf" files because they are the default music player skin files.

  1. Press to Local Disk (C:) to access to the phone memory.
  2. Go to "hiddenfolder".
  3. Inside the folder, you can see "Mediaplayer" and "Equalizer" folders. They're contain Music player and equalizer skins, respectively.
  4. Access to one of the folders.
  5. ".swf"and ".nfl" files are the media player skins.
    • ".nfl" file format is basically a "zip" file that contains Flash Lite stuff and you can open it with programs like 7Zip and WinRAR.
      • If antivirus programs like Windows Defender detects it as a "virus", don't worry, it's just false positive.
  6. Right click one of the media player skin you want to extract and press "Save to" save the skin file elsewhere from your computer.
  7. You need both media player and equalizer skin files for make them work properly on other Nokia phones.

Series 40 6th edition phones

  • Media player skin files in S40v6 devices are inside of the theme files.

Adding Music player skins

  1. Repeat the first four steps above.
  2. In the respective folder, right click in the folder.
  3. Go to "New" and click to "File".
  4. Change the file type to "Other files".
  5. Choose the skin you want to import.
    • Repeat the same step in the equalizer folder as well.
  6. After that, go to music player then go to music player skin.
  7. If done correctly, you can enjoy with new music player skin.

Compatibilty list

Phone Compatibility
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Compatible
Nokia 6267 Compatible
Nokia 7610 Supernova Incompatible