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The Ericsson T28 connector is a connector used by Ericsson devices and early Sony Ericsson devices. It is the precursor to Sony Ericsson's FastPort and thus only supports synchronization and file transfer over a slower UART interface.

The DCU-11 and DSS-25 both use USB-to-Serial interfaces to connect a phone via USB, with the DCU-11 using a Prolific PL2303, and the DSS-25 using an FTDI FT232.

Note that the DCU-11 cable cannot be used for flashing a phone without being modified. More information about this can be found here.


Sony Ericsson J300a with this connector

Bottom pin Name Direction Description
1 ATMS Pointleft.png Audio to mobile
2 AFMS/RTS Pointright.png Audio from mobile/RTS (connected to GND in cable?)
3 CTS/ONREQ Pointnone.png CTS/Mobile Station On REQuest (connected to GND in cable?)
4 data in Pointleft.png Data to mobile (Rx). (Tx for K300i)
5 data out Pointright.png Data from mobile (Tx). (Rx for K300i)
6 ACC in Pointleft.png Accessory control to mobile. Used as Rx in some models (i.e. T68) for flashing.
7 ACC out Pointright.png Accessory control from mobile/handsfree sense. Used as Tx in some models (i.e. T68) for flashing.
8 AGND Pointnone.png Audio signal ground + 0V reference
9 flash Pointnone.png Flash memory voltage + Service (shorted to pin 11 in service cable)
10 DGND Pointnone.png Digital ground
11 Vcc Pointnone.png DC + for battery charging + External accessory powering

Phones that use this connector[edit]