Dumping firmware from phones

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This intends to be a guide for dumping the firmware or ROM from phones. There are many different types of software, cables, and sometimes other hardware necessary to do this depending on the phone or chipset, and as a result many programs exist to aid with this.

Like many other older software suites that work with feature phones, some don't run correctly on newer versions of Windows. A Windows XP virtual machine or a physical XP PC is recommended for said programs.


  • A computer running Windows 7 or above • XP may be required for older programs
  • A data cable for the phone you are trying to dump
  • Drivers for the phone you're attempting to dump
  • The proper software downloaded and installed for the phone

Extracting contents

The Phone and firmware manipulation guide page may be of use if you want to extract stuff from the firmware dump. Otherwise, if you just want to see if it worked right, open it up in a hex editor and see if it's not all repeating FF or 00 throughout the entire thing.

Chipset and phone subpages

To aid in readability, this page has been broken off into sections. Click on the links to jump to the chipset or phone brand you wish to dump from.

Sharing firmware dumps

If you have dumped firmware from phones that you own, we encourage you to share them!

This Archival Tracker sheet should be an up-to-date resource on what is available on the Repo, as well as what isn't and if there are any known firmware versions for a certain device.

Firmware dumps can be shared in the Discord server on the Main Page or by email here at the bottom of the text file.