Audiovox CDM-8910

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Virgin Mobile branded CDM-8910 flipped open

The Audiovox CDM-8910 is a dual-mode flip phone by Audiovox released in November of 2004.

The CDM-8910 was an ODM product of Curitel, and was rather ubiquitous across many different CDMA carriers, sometimes sporting a different name or brand altogether. In its CDM-8910 configuration, the phone was available on Bell, Cricket, Virgin Mobile (nicknamed "Flasher V7"), Verizon Wireless, and Western Wireless. ReadyMobile would later carry this phone, though these were simply Verizon models with Audiovox stickers covering the aforementioned carrier's markings.

On most versions of the phone, the CDM-8910 was only available in silver with a navy blue two-tone split on the outer screen section.


  • Curitel TX-115C: The ODM design used by the CDM-8910. Shares the FCC ID and most hardware specs with the TX-110C.
  • CDM-8610: Predecessor with only CDMA 1900, otherwise hardware-identical to the CDM-8910.
  • CDM-8615: Verizon variant of predecessor.
  • CDM-8912: Sprint version, marketed as the "PM-8912". Has J2ME MIDP 1.0 instead of BREW. Two-tone color split is arranged differently.
  • Telit X110: Telit branded version, otherwise identical.
  • Telit X100: Kosher variant of the X110 with stripped features.

Related phones

  • Curitel PH-K2700C: South Korean version released exclusively on KTF.
  • Nokia 6135: Nokia-branded version. Also came in silver/red.
  • UTStarcom CDM-8615: UTStarcom branded with a different physical design. Hardware identical to the CDM-8910.
  • Zapp Z720i: CDMA 450 version released exclusively on Zapp Mobile. Known as the Pantech HX-550C elsewhere.



HW Platform/ChipsetQualcomm MSM6050 (40 MHz ARM7TDMI)
SW Platform/OSCuritel proprietary (REX OS based)
Display 128 x 160, STN, 16-bit color
Sub-display96 x 64, STN, greyscale
Flash memory16MB
Memory card slotNone
Phonebook capacity300
Charging and data connectorTTA-24 connector
Charging connectorDC barrel plug • Not present on all models
Regulatory infoFCC ID: PP4TX-110C (approved 2004-01-19)
Retail price$169 • Virgin Mobile Flasher V7[1]


Operating modesAMPS (800)
CDMA (800/1900)
Data1x RTT
BluetoothNot supported
PC LinkQualcomm DIAG support


Input methods12-key keypad with T9
Side keysCamera shutter, volume rocker


Rear camera0.3 MP, fixed focus
Supported image formatsJPG
Supported sound formatsMID, PMD, QCP
Speaker configurationSingle loudspeaker
Line out2.5 mm jack
SynthesizerQualcomm CMX 3.0
FM radioNot supported




JavaMIDP 1.0 • CDM-8912 and Flasher V7 only
Java APIs?
BREW2.0.2.6 (built Mar 11 2003)




  • Any TTA-24 compatible charger

Other accessories

  • Any TTA-24 compatible USB data cable



Phone Photos

Dial codes

This is a list of dial codes found in the available firmware dump via string searching, which were tested to do something on the phone.

Enter these codes on the dial screen and they should automatically run once the END key is pressed.

##27752345 - MISC. TEST (battery thermistor value, screen contrast, etc.)

*##27732726 - S/W Test (view firmware version, battery thermistor value, debug screen, etc.)

##89115868 - UP Proxy IP

##737247 - Repair Mode

##24282 - "SELECT CUBIC1"

##2768 - View ADB_BATT value

###647 - Debug Screen

##6477 - ??? (displays "secret vmug33k")

##6488 - ??? (displays "SCCUcK+1td vmug33k")

##2250 - RFNV Contents

##2223 and ##2224 - PCS Mode AGC + RSSI values

##1122 - Multiple tests (speaker, motor, audio loop, keypad, etc.)

##2283 - DM Baud Rate (change DIAG port baud rate)

#5625* - Displays user lock code

##4771 + SPC - GPS Test

##7659 - Displays "Ploy Test!!" and plays VOWS test PMD song

**5393 - Displays "off-line inversion"

*#678 - Clear MRU

##27742 - Displays "To enter this code. Go ahead FTM."

##87135 - Causes phone to beep four times, reason unknown

##84637 + SPC - Call timers

##847446 + SPC - NAM programming menu

##767364 - SMS Eng. (MMS/SMS tests)


All TX-110C and TX-115C-based phones should contain a JTAG pinout, which can be leveraged for firmware dumping.

Currently the following firmwares are available:


CDM-8912 (PM-8912):