Adding content to Sprint phones (Samsung, Power Vision)

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This page is currently incomplete. feel free to edit.

This is intended to be a step-by-step guide on how to put your own content on high-end Samsung Sprint phones.

Sprint phones store downloadable content in a dictionary called "brew/shared/jas", where everything is separated into their respective subfolders, though some phones have it stored in "/brew/shared/jas/content".


  • A computer running Windows XP or above
  • A data cable for the phone you are trying to patch
  • A text editor (e.g. Notepad++)
  • A way to create JAD files (e.g. JADMaker)
  • Bitpim or RevSkills

Currently compatible phones[edit]

These phones have been tested and been confirmed to work correctly for this guide:

Currently uncertain phones[edit]

  • Samsung SPH-M390 - Nothing happens when it is connected with RevSkills. It can only be used as a mass storage, and using it in RevSkills has not been figured out yet.



Connect the phone to your computer and power it on. On older models, a dialog box should pop up informing you that the device is in "PDA mode".

Open Bitpim, go to View, and enable both "View protocol logging" and "View filesystem".

Once that's done, go to Edit, Settings, and then put in the COM port of your phone. For this example, "COM14" would be typed into the "Com Port" text box. If your phone has official Bitpim support in the "Phone type" menu, select that too. After that, click OK.

Click the "Filesystem" icon, and then click the + next to the blue folder icon. It will say "Retrieving..." for a bit, but if all goes well, it will show files and folders from your phone's EFS.


Open the "brew/shared/jas" folder by clicking the + to the left of the folder icon. This may look different depending on your phone, but you should see folders for games, apps, screen savers, and ringtones.

Since the steps are different depending on what you want to add, they'll be broken up into sections.

Adding Java Games[edit]

Before adding files to the phone, you'll want to have both a .jar and .jad for your game. You can make a .jad file using JADmaker or by extracting MANIFEST.MF out of the .jar file and renaming it.

It's important to note what games are installed on the phone currently. If your phone has no preloaded games or apps, then you can name the jas/jad combo as 1.jas and 1.jad respectively.

Open the "/brew/shared/jas/temp/install" folder.

Find where you put the .jar and .jad file. You'll need to rename the .jar to .jas, but keep the .jad file the same.

Right click on the install folder and press New File ... to add the .jas and .jad files.

Once the files are on the phone, disconnect the phone from your computer and restart it. The phone should boot up and then restart on it's own.

If you see the games you added on the phone, that means it worked!